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You will find here all english studies modules courses, exams with solution, ebooks… for all levels of Bachelor degree in english studies (Licence).

Table des Matières

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    English Studies Modules

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    english studies s1


    english studies s2

    Reading Comprehension and Précis 2

    composition I

    Grammar 2

    Oral communication

    Readings in Culture

    Business Communication

    english studies s3


    english studies s4

    Introduction to Literature

    Advanced Composition and Introduction to Research

    Introduction to linguistics

    Introduction to Media Studies

    Introduction to Cultural Studies

    Translation (Arabic-English-Arabic)

    english studies s5


    english studies s6

    General linguistics


    Applied linguistics


    Text & Questions Exercice – PDF


    Training aims

    Consolidate the basics of the English language and equip students with quality communication skills (written and oral).
    Mastery of the English language and its structure.
    Knowledge of Anglo-Saxon and other cultures.
    Introduction to literature in general and Anglo-Saxon in particular.
    Initiation to translation.
    Introduction to linguistics.
    Initiation to research methods and field research depending on the course chosen.

    Skills to acquire

    Oral and written communication in English but also in other languages, Arabic and French.

    Analysis of texts in the broad sense of the term, explanation and interpretation and commentary. Linguistic data analysis.

    Write summaries, essays etc. by synthesizing elements. Undertake research and prepare a synthesis report.

    Individual and group work

    Outcomes of training

    Preparation for research in literary, linguistic and cultural studies
    Preparation for masters training in applied languages, culture, linguistics, literature etc.
    Preparation for the training of translators and interpreters
    Preparation for facilitator training (media, cultural etc.)
    Preparation for English language teacher training
    Preparation for training of staff in the tourism sector (guides, facilitators, etc.)

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