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Download free full course of Sociolinguistics pdf s5 s6. Bachelor Degree in English Studies. Plus exercises, multiple-choice questions (MCQ questions), and exams with solutions and ebooks… Everything in PDF, Everything is free.

Table of Contents

    Presentation over Sociolinguistics

    Language Planning

    Language planning, to start with, is considered to be a usefull process that offers an insight into the nature of language, into the attitudes of people towards language, and the way such attitudes may have a great impact on people’s use of the language itself and on the form of such language.

    Defining Language Planning

    Language plannning is often defined as the conscious predictive approach to changes in language and language use. A proper planning of language requires adequate information about the socio-linguistic habits of the target population and about the social basis for language policy in order to have productive directions of changes.

    Language planning (and language policies are both associated), is concerned with the policies both explicit and implicit that have great effect on what languages are spoken in specific societies when, how, and by whom and for what purposes as well as the values and rights associated with those languages. If one wants to speak about some of the main aims of language planning that can be achieved in the Arab world, for example, we say that it aims to achieve four main goals: (a) unification, (b) universalization, (c) arabization and (d) nationalization.

    Language policy then is a variety of ideas, laws, regulations, rules and the practices intended to achieve the planned language change in the societies, groups, or systems. This is the definition given by Kaplan & Baldauf (1990). In this definition, one can understand that l anguage planning is an amalgamation of abstract and concrete items that include the ideas rules and practices with the basic aim of elevating or appraising one language or some languages on behalf of others at both social and administrative levels.

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    Language Planning


    Varieties of Language(contd)

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