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Download free full course of Oral Communication S2 PDF. Bachelor Degree in English Studies. Plus exercises, multiple-choice questions (MCQ questions), and exams with solutions and ebooks… Everything in PDF, Everything is free.

Table of Contents

    Presentation over Oral Communication

    Defining Communication

    The word ‗communication‘ is derived from the Latin verb communicate, which means “to share” or “to make common”.

    Communication is generally defined as:

    • the sharing of information
    • the giving and receiving of messages
    • the transfer of information from one or more people to one or more other people

    Berelson and Steiner (1964: 527)define communication as “the transmission of information, ideas, emotions, skills, etc. by the use of symbols – words, pictures, figures, graphs, etc.”

    According to Brown (1970: 56), “communication is the transmission and interchange of facts, ideas, feelings or course of action.”

    According to Wood (2004: 9), communication is ―a systemic process in which individuals interact with and through symbols to create and interpret meanings.‖

    Differentdictionariesgivedifferentmeanings to communication. In Oxford Dictionary, for example, we have about 12differentmeanings. Somedefinitionssaythat communication is the transmission of a message or information by speaking or writing. Anotherdefinitiondeclaresthat communication is giving or exchanging information, signals, messages by talk or gestures or writing. Yetanotherdefinitionsaysthat communication is social intercourse. Communication is all this and much more. A good definition should not only give precise meaning but also throw light on the scope of the word/expression.

    Technical view

    The technical view is concerned with how accurately and efficiently messages can be transferred from one person to another along a channel such as telephone wires or the air waves that carry sound and pictures to radios and television sets. They attempt to identify ways of increasing the clarity and accuracy of the message and concentrate on improving the tools and techniques that promote efficient communication such as clear telephone lines, faster computers. In this view, communication is seen as a linear (one-way) sequence of events from Person A to Person B.

    From a technical point of view, communication can be defined very simply as:

    • Sending and receiving messages
    • Transmission of messages
    • Exchanging of messages

    The technical point of view does not tell us about the complexity of communication or the human aspect of communication.

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    Oral Communication S2 PDF Full Course

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