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Download free full course of Business Communication S2 PDF. Bachelor Degree in English Studies. Plus exercises, multiple-choice questions (MCQ questions), and exams with solutions and ebooks… Everything in PDF, Everything is free.

Table of Contents

    Presentation over Business Communication


    Communication is the process in which a message is sent from the sender to the receiver through a medium. The sender encodes the message and the receiver decodes it, then gives feedback.

    Business Communication

    Business communication differs from other types of communication not by its means but by its objectives.

    Business communication is the transmission of information within the business environment. the information may be transmitted – sent and received between or among individuals.

    Importance of Business Communication

    • Businesses depend on communication.
    • Good communication is key to business success.
    • Businesses communicate:
      • Internally
      • Externally

    Goals of Business Communication

    • Getting a message through (receiver understanding)
    • Receiver response (feedback)
    • Favorable relationship
    • Establishing goodwill

    Types of Communication

    Verbal communication

    In this type of communication, the professional uses language as a vehicle of communication:

    • Oral communication: A face-to-face interaction between the sender and the receiver
    • Written Communication: The sender uses the written mode to transmit his or her message (eg: writing reports and e-mails)

    Non-verbal communication

    When a message is communicated without using a word, the process requires nonverbal cues to be transmitted and received. eg: Facial expressions, posture, eye contact, walk, person’s voice, sign language, etc.

    Communication involves both verbal and non-verbal forms!


    Download Business Communication Course PDF

    Full Course Business communication

    introduction to business communication

    presentation techniques



    application letter

    Bad news letter

    Business Memo

    business report

    complaint letter

    Good news letter

    inquiry and response letters

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