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Download free full course of Translation Arabic-English-Arabic PDF S4. Bachelor Degree in English Studies. Plus exercises, multiple-choice questions (MCQ questions), and exams with solutions and ebooks… Everything in PDF, Everything is free.

Table of Contents

    Presentation over Translation Arabic-English-Arabic

    What is Translation?

    As a subject, translation is defined as all the processes and methods used to convey meaning of the source language into the target language by means of:

    * The verb “translate” has been equated with synonyms such as “reader” , “rephrase” , “transmit” , “re-express” “replace”.

    We “render”, “reproduce”, “convey”, and “transfer”

    • According to New mark (1981) translation is an attempt to replace a message or a statement in one language by the same message or statement in another language.
    • For Catford (1965) translation is “the replacement of textual material in one language (SL) by equivalent textual material in another language (TL)’ (20).
    • Nida (1964) defines translation in terms of the receptor’s understanding of the translated text, in other words, the intelligibility of the TL text. Accordingly, translation is “ reproducing in the receptor’s language the closest equivalent of the message of the SL, first in terms of meaning and then in terms of style”

    What all definitions agree on are the following:

    • Translation involves determining two extremes at the same time; the SL demands and the TL demands.
    • Translation involves thinking and rethinking, expressing and re-expressing.
    • Translation involves “equivalence” in respect of different levels of presentation (equivalent in respect of context, of semantics, of grammar, of lexis, etc.) and at different ranks (Word-for-sentence) and in different degrees (fully or partially equivalent)

    What do we translate?

    We translate nothing but “MEANING”.

    What is Meaning?

    It is a complicated network of language components.
    It is the product of different elements of language. Taken together occurring in a certain type of texts and contexts, and directed to a certain kind of readership.

    Download Translation Course Arabic-English-Arabic

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    Introduction to Translation

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    Solving Translation Problems at Word Level

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